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The Beginners Guide To New Age Marketing

The Beginners Guide To New Age Marketing

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Fundamentals of Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing of the Product / Service offering is just as important as the offering itself because if the Product or the Service is excellent but, it hasn’t been marketed well enough, it’s worth is ZERO!!

Marketing has a varying degree in positions of value and utility.

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Product covers everything from the design, technology, to the convenience of the product and warranties.

Pricing strategies need to be relative to your competitors, the needs of your customers and the marketplace.

Promotion includes Paid Advertising, Content marketing, Sponsorship, Product placement, Social media, and Influencers.

Place could be a brick and mortar store (physical location), or online.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing



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What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing encompasses the marketing methods that can be used without the internet.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing strategies include those that require the use of the internet or smartphones.

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The “CATT” Funnel

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This system will follow your integrated digital marketing strategy. Once you’re done creating it will also act as a foundation for building a Sales Funnel. Also, this Funnel helps you do exactly that. However, this seems more relevant in the current digital marketing environment CATT stands for:-

Content– Creating Content of various forms for consumers that is worthy of garnering their attention on platforms like:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Quora, LinkedIn

-Videos on Youtube Channel.


-Podcasts, Webinars


Attention– Writing / Blogging or Short Videos to capture and retain the attention of customers

Eg: Search Engine Optimization for Blogs and Videos, When you want your article to be visible on the first page, or your video to be on the top of the list.

SEO for Website Ranking
SEO for YouTube Videos

Paid ADS:- These are a few most popular methods to garner more reach and traffic in a shorter span of time, along with a good success rate.

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Quora Ads
LinkedIn Ads

Viral Marketing- TikTok was a popular Viral Marketing method to make videos viral, unfortunately, it has been banned since 2020

Trust– Constant Engagement with the audience by:

Getting followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Audience subscribing to our blogs & emails

In order to build interest among the audience about your product, you must work on building “MASS TRUST”.

Transaction:- This means coming to the end of the funnel by completing the last step of the Funnel that is when the customer purchases your product.

Eg: Ebook- when the requirement and the product matches the needs of the consumer

Integrated Marketing


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What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is the process of unifying all aspects of marketing communication — such as advertising, PR, and social media — and using their respective mix of media, channels, and tactics to deliver a seamless and customer-centric experience. In practice, that means having a consistent look, feel and tone to your message across all the channels you use.

The idea behind integrated digital marketing is that, while using each individual medium strategy doesn’t have a huge impact on the audience, but when used in integration, you can create a more influential online presence.

The Advantages of Integrating

Brand Awareness: When marketers integrate the means of communication, they can develop Brand Awareness with lesser efforts.

ROI: Creating a reliable marketing plan is a key to achieving a successful and quicker ROI

Conversions: You can better your conversions effectively with a smart Integrated Marketing plan

Loyalty: Building trust among recurrent customers, rewarding them for continually conducting business with you

Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint


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“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” — Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO, Amazon

Your personal brand is one of the most valuable assets you can control. Your brand helps you build a career, sell better, start a business or even start a movement. No matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, your personal brand can help you achieve it.

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Personal Branding benefits:

  • It becomes an Influencer and Brand Ambassador for the companies that they might run.
  • It can give rise to many brands from its influence.
  • It helps to build your credibility in the market and allows you to easily distinguish yourself from other competitors in your industry.
  • It helps to scale up your entire growth, sales, and revenue.

Now that you have understood the power of personal branding, you might be thinking of how to build a personal brand. Hold your nerves because now you will learn the blueprint of building a personal brand

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The evolution of Personal Brand using MassTrust Blueprint
These are the 6 steps in the evolution process:

1. Learn: You learn new skills through understanding the concepts, remembering the facts, and practising.

2. Work: You have to implement your newly learned skills at work. By implementing these skills in real-world would help you to master them.

3. Blog: When you write, you understand it better, and hence put it all in your blog. you will also start building your personal brand.

4. Consult: You have become a personal brand by writing blogs. It’s time to turn into a consultant for other Individuals or businesses instead of working for them.

5. Mentor: Now, You can mentor those who want to emulate and become like you. Mentoring others will increase your understanding of that topic to a whole new level and makes you into a brand.

6. Start-up: It’s time to start your own product or service business with the understanding that you have developed about the market, the problem and your own skills.

Even when you have a startup, you still can learn and follow this cycle to build another brand. The evolution of personal branding is a continuous process. this is the beauty of this Blueprint.


I would say that marketing is not all about selling but it’s about fulfilling the needs of customers. Personal branding creates trust in you and your product for your customers. The better you communicate, the better you connect to your audience.

Are you ready to up the ante to embrace the tenets of Digital Marketing?